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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LOHA has teamed up with local community members to organize volunteers to create Face Masks to support local health care professionals. We are calling all people who sew to make fabric face masks for our local hospitals, doctor's office, nursing homes etc. This is a volunteer project to serve our community, not to sell the masks. The masks are not intended to replace PPE. They are indeed a last resort for those who do not have any protection.


We are proud to partner with these amazing individuals to serve our community and help meet this critical need. We will continue to create and donate masks as long as there is a need locally.

If you are health care professional in need of face masks, you may request face masks by clicking the picture below and filling out the form.

request form.png

If you are creating Face Masks and would like to donate them through our group, click the picture below to fill out the form. 

Donate face masks.png

Get Involved! Volunteer to be a Face Mask Warrior! 


If you are interested in serving our SWLA community in this endeavor, please join our Face Book Group for details, support, needs, and drop off locations. The Face Book Icon will take you directly to the group. 

Don't live in SWLA? Be a Face Mask Warrior in YOUR community!

Below are the pattern and tutorial for the masks that our amazing Face Mask Warriors have been creating. The CDC has suggested that Face Masks could help in the effort to control the spread of COVID-19. 

Download the Face Mask pattern here


Watch Terry's Tutorial Here

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