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The Bartonella Bonanza is an educational event about Bartonella and One Health.  We recently held this event on One Health Day after the Beating Bartonella Color Run. This One Health event begins with a video welcome from Dr Ed Breitschwerdt  (NCSU) and Dr Monica Embers (Tulane). Participants in the Bonanza will rotate through educational stations that will focus on the a variety of One Health topics related to understanding Bartonella. These stations will be presented by veterinarians, physicians, and public health advocates.  Finally Dr Bob Mozayeni will discuss the human health impacts of Bartonellosis through the Norvect video interview. All are known throughout the world for their expertise and research of vector borne disease, most notably Bartonella and Borrelia.    The topics that are presented in the welcome video and in the educational stations are:

-What is One Health?
-What is Vector Borne Disease?
-What is Zoonotic Infection?
-What is Emerging Infectious Disease?
-What is Bartonella?
-What are the risk factors for contracting Bartonella?
-How does transmission happen?
-What are the acute and chronic symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease/Bartonellosis?
-Prevention of transmission and the importance of flea and tick prevention
-Proper Tick removal

Download the Bartonella Bonanza Brochure Here!

Download Galaxy Diagnostics Bartonella Brochure Here!

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Check out the featured videos from The Bartonella Bonanza



Welcome Video featuring Dr Ed Breitschwerdt (NCSU) and Dr Monica Embers (Tulane)


Education Station:

A Physician Scientist perspective of Bartonellosis and impacts on Human Health

Featuring Dr Bob Mozayeni from the Translational Medicine Group in Bethesda, MD

Bartonella Bonanza Education Stations

Check out the presenters from The Bartonella Bonanza held on One Health Day


What is Bartonella?


How to Effectively Remove a Tick


Bowls For Bartonella Fundraiser for Bartonella Research


Local and State Policy Makers Invited to Show BiPartisan Support 


How is Bartonella Transmitted?


What is Emerging Infectious Disease?


Participants Take a Quiz After Station Rotations


Flea and Tick Prevention Strategies


What is Vector Borne Disease?


Draw for Door Prizes with Quiz Submission 

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