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Beer and Bartonella

Did you know that on average it takes 17 to 20 years for new research to make it in to medical school textbooks? That's crazy!! Let us organize the Beer and Bartonella One Health event with your One Health friends to learn about one of the most under-diagnosed yet extremely prevalent pathogens! This is a great way for you and your One Health friends to "Understand Bartonella" better, and in a way you never have.  Play a big part in the planning, or we can do it all for you!  This event is registered on the One Health Day map.

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For the Beer and Bartonella event, you and your friends will meet at a local brewery and view the webinar “Understanding Bartonella: A One Health Perspective” sponsored by Galaxy Diagnostics and The One Health Commission. The webinar features two world renowned Bartonella experts, Dr Ed Breitschwerdt, DVM (2018's Global One Health Award recipient) and Dr Bob Mozayeni, MD (physician scientist and founder of Translational Medicine Group). The webinar will discuss the epidemiology of Bartonella, the most at risk populations, the process for diagnosis, and treatment options. If you'd like an up close personal look at the desperate need for a One Health approach to diagnosis and treatment of Bartonella, we'd be happy to arrange a guest speaker at your event as well.


You may even consider pairing this event with LOHA's Beating Bartonella Virtual 3K Fun Run to help us raise awareness and funds for research of Bartonella and the role that it plays in many chronic human and animal conditions.  Your registration fee for the Virtual Fun Run helps to support NCSU's The Bartonella Project.

If you would like tweak this event to instead use at a Lunch and Learn type setting for Continuing Education credit, we are happy to work with you to accomplish that, or feel free just to register and hold your own viewing for credit through the CDC's Train site 

Preview the webinar by

Galaxy Diagnostics and The One Health Commission

 "Understanding Bartonella: A One Health Perspective"

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